Our low profile Series 300 skateboard deterrents and stops can be used on walls, planters, and curbs. The series 300 inside radius is hand bent at a 3/4 of an inch to accomodate most walls and planters. 


The Deterrents are mounted by drilling two holes for the two anchors and screws. For your convenience, we do offer packages with and without the fasteners.



To order, choose your deterrent package, then select your wall size, and add to cart. Make sure to update your quantity. A minium order quantity of 12 deterrents are required.
Deterrents shipped with Tamper Restant Bolts, Anchors, And Installation bits.
$17.95 Each
$12.95 Each
Our Seat Wall Deterrents are $14.95 each. To ensure we match your seat wall profile we do request that you provide us with a sketch of the seat wall, as there are many differant shapes. A small set up charge may occur on small orders.
Deterrents shipped without Tamper Restant Bolts, Anchors, And Installation bits.
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